Posted by: jane770 | January 1, 2011

Animal Tales and Other Random Thoughts

It is the first day of the year of our Lord 2011.  We spent a wonderful New Year’s Eve with good friends in their new home, celebrating the beginning of what will, hopefully, be a better time for all.

Today I cooked for our dinner.  The Christmas decorations have been stored for next year, not so much anymore as there are no little ones here and we spent the holiday weekend with our daughter Ellen, husband Shawn and little boys, Joe, almost ten and William 7.  It was a wonderful peaceful time, lots of children’s movies on television, much reading and good food cooked by our son-in-law, chef, insurance web designer and actor.  They made us welcome and comfortable.  We saw a wonderful Christmas variety show at the Geffen.

We returned home to our menagerie, Brandy 12 year old chocolate lab, two and a half year old dachshund mix, Toby the marmalade kitty and Sammy who looks like my Nicki and is just as devoted.


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