Posted by: jane770 | January 2, 2011

Animal Tales and Other Random Thoughts

Our neighbor across the street does not care for cats.  When my husband saw a feline relaxing on his doorstep, he feared it was one of ours.  That was not the case, the Siamese, Sammy, was on my bed, reading the morning paper with me, Toby was staring out of the window in the family room…He does that frequently, sits on the back of the sofa and surveys his domain.   We wonder what it is he is thinking, but no one understands cats.   They are not predictable in behavior unless it is beneficial to their own well-being.

I will be writing about animals, people and happenings, some true, some fictionally embellished, and hope that some of the tales will interest if not inrigue readers.  I, also, welcome any input and suggestions


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