Posted by: jane770 | January 8, 2011

Jane’s Plain Talk -Memories of People, Pets, Pecularities and Places

Finally, I am starting again, with a new picture thanks to daughter, Ellen, and new title, credited to Bill Mullen.  I will make every effort to log in every day or so as I am sure you are all awaiting my thoughts.

Recently there has been a huge flap over Huckleberry Finn, it is just another sign of social or political correctness.  I would go along with the idea if I were not so opposed to censorship of any kind.   I need not attend the performances, nor watch on Television gratuitous sex and violence.  I remember when, as a teenager, I was fascinated by Lady Chatterley’s lover. I finally found in my parents’ library the unexpurgated volume.  It was a huge disappointment to find that it was much tamer than Forever Amber, the shocker of the day.  I detest name calling, it is a quick way to turn my allegiance, but the word “n……”was ;used at the time, as dreadful as it seems.  Actually, among those of more gentile persuasions, the word was Negro, more because the other was slang and slang was unacceptable.  If I had a few days to write and you to read, we could unearth so many books that would be unacceptable today that the schools would have no books.  Actually, Mark Twain, himself had one that was actually banned because it was so shocking.  

As we enter the new year I hope that those who feel it is important to bedeck their pets with expensive “bling” will buy cheap items at the dollar store and donate the balance where it might do the most good, to an animal shelter.  I don’t care for animals in costume but , if that is the owners’ druther and the critter doesn’t mind it is their business, but please don’t spend thousands for Fido, when other fidos need food and shelter.

These are my thoughts for today.  I could write about the correct way to make a bed, found in the Wall Street Journal this morning, or, in the same newspaper, how the Chinese train their children.  These subjects take too much time with no succinct resolution, I just want to get this off the ground and see if any one reads it, if you do let me know…


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