Posted by: jane770 | January 16, 2011

Jane’s Plain Talk

Do you remember the movie “Sliding Doors”, how true it is.   I did not want to go to the Fourth of July party in 1959.  It had been a hectic week at work in San Francisco. I drove to Carmel Valley with a friend, a friend with whom I had a long friendship and great bond.  It was a relationship from which we both wanted more, but it was not to be for a variety of reasons.   We had a horrible argument and the cup was smashed forever. I never saw him again.

I was wallowing in self-pity in my mother’s home in Carmel Valley, determining to return to the city immediately.  My friends called me from Carmel, urging me to attend a gathering, someone would drive out to pick me up, no excuses.  I finally gave in and a few hours later was in the middle of the festivities, feeling anything but festive.   A close male friend asked if I would like to escape and have a drink at the Mission Ranch, and we left.  We talked deeply that night, Paul and I, I said to him that I was tired of my life, the parties and shallow, mindless activities.  I really wanted to settle down, but there was no one in the horizon, other than a beau who was in the army and lived in Allentown, PA, not really a prospect.

We returned to the party and I heard someone say “do you think she will be back?” “Oh, yes, I am sure, Janie always comes back”..and there he was, the man who became the love of my life, if only briefly.  On August 29 we were married, shortly before I received a proposal from Peter, my Allentown friend..

The marriage lasted only seven years, but there were two beautiful children and now, they have four beautiful boys.  What would have happened had I stuck to my guns, not attended the party and subsequently married Peter Fish of Allentown.  There you have it sliding doors or the path not taken.


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