Posted by: jane770 | January 23, 2011


I am a pack mouse, no not a rat.  Oprah would not use me as an example on her program, but I do collect (as does my husband).   I see things that people might like and stash them away for future gifting.  As I work at a benefit shop, many appealing items appear.   I am an online shopper and order special things for special items.  The big problem is the fact that I sometimes forget and, before I know it, I have drawers and boxes full of presents.  In some respects, this is very others it becomes cumbersome.

Now I say that John is also a collector, not of gifts…these are purchased at the very last moment.   But every little screw, piece of plastic, pieces of paper, etc. might have a use, so are saved – forever.

I also hate to throw away or give away any gift I have received, any card, anything that might remind me of a loved one.  My children say “Oh, Mom, you don’t need that” . It is never a question of need, but, for instance, Alice brought the Yuban coffee man home from Mexico.   The ceramic pig was a wedding gift, dust catchers all but, beloved,

Every so often I am compelled to sort.  I never seem to finish the job, other projects step in and take precedence.  I don’t like to get rid of books; although the chances of reading them again are nill.   I pity my family when I shuffle off to the other world or an old folks’ anti-room to death. 

Our garage isn’t too bad, not as filled with junk as some, but, certainly not the way I would like it.  In my mind “there is a place for everything” and everything should be in it’s place.  Plastic food boxes really need their lids, cards their envelopes, and recipes should be in books…it just doesn’t happen.  So here I am with drawers of presents, boxes of papers and pictures and, I believe I shall take a little break and read a book


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